I love large breast blond women.

You may say it's a commonplace, but the breast I'm speaking about are very specials. Some may replay that I love women in general, I would answer that it's true, I love Women with a capital W. I'm luck, since several night, the large breast blond women that are rocking me and yes, they are several. I'm falling aslpeep peacefully and smiling after reading their new chronicles.

Sometimes, it's a hoarsely reminding me swinging dancefloors, another time, it's the wig rekindling the flame of kinky games or once it's the curves that are inviting to Chockotoff degustation while vomiting on flighty husbands and the perverts of any kind. This blonds are offering their arms every evening.

It would be more correct to say that they are giving me their words, pages, stories. I'm not speaking about sexual orgy but about textual enjoyment spilled out in Isabelle Baldacchino's stories at la Quadrature editions. Situations are surprising, jubilant anecdots and magic epilogues. After Le manège des amertumes, the writer is offering us her second book and you have to read it.

These 19 novels made me dream, smile, travel. With the choice of the vocabulary, the attitude of the characters or their circumstances, Isabelle makes us live next to her appealing, eccentric, tender or cynical subjects. I call her by her first name as I know her since Louvain-la-Neuve and I cannot stop myself from telling that I know this excellent writer.

I don't give praise because of friendship, I do it because I think it's normal to push you to read those lines that made me laugh and to fall under the charm of her book. In a train, in an armchair, in a bed or in any place you can disconnect, don't hesitate to dive into large breast blond women

" Tonight again, she is entering the bar. She goes there every week to listen to the music, the pillars, the sound of the glasses on the tables, wordless conversations, laughs, buzzing of the voices. She put her high heels, sequin t-shirt, the one of the great evenings. Her black pants tighten her a bit, too much belly, too many hips. Non steady breast. But what do you expect? Age, years, tears, that turns a women into trash.

For the book, it's here: http://editionsquadrature.be/catalogue/blondes-a-forte-poitrine/

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