#Madagascar, prologue

Today is the 18th October 2014. The big day arrived, we are going to make canoe in Madagascar with Jean-Paul. As I know that many readers are behind their computer during the rainy November, I'll do my best to write some articles to show you the beautiful things we are going to see.

Of course, the idea of making you envious is very far from us and we will never imagine that you could mourn at your desk. So the written lines will be boring and in a telegraphic style. This a good way to be sure that no one would jump out the his window from the First floor and , evenmore, miss out the ski because of this action.

In addition, the facts will never be embellished and my journalistic integrity cannot be challenged. It will be the strict thruth without any exageration or bad faith. The lies will be swiped away with our broom and mosquito repellant. No event will be amplified or hushed up. As always journalistic rigor and intellectual honesty will be my partners.

There is 4G on the island but if I have a look on the website of Orange, there are only 4 streets in Tana. And the connection points are fewer that the planets of our solar system. My comments could then be irregulars because there is a world without internet! Only that point gives me the flavour of holidays.

If you wish to hear it from my mouth, I give you appointment at the Christmas market of Braine-le-Comte the 5, 6 and 7th december. We will be there to share raclette and a small glass of Ollon and maybe have a good fondue at Momo's table.

If we are there, that would mean that we had a not predicted squeak or we are lost somewhere. All this being specified, I confess that I'm happy to share this beautiful adventure with you especially as it is rainy november in your countries... (I know, I repeat myself).

Let go of the moorings!!!!!

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