#Madagascar, Tana

The arrival in Tana got us directly in the bath. Dozens of taxi drivers jumped on us to take us to our hotel. Two things were demonstrated:

  • telling "no" to 10 people does not affect the other ones
  • we will get plucked

The First day we are smiling about it, but after 3 weeks, it's really unbearable. Many Malagasy are complaining about the lack of tourists, but does not make the link with the fact that there are constantly robbing us. Just like a mossad agent, when they shot you once they put a second bullet in your head to be sure of the efficiency. In Madagascar, from the first minute to the last one, you are dispossessed.

We decided not to visit Tana, but already fly to the South of the island. We need to make some formalities such as changing money, take a Malagasy number and buy fly tickets to the South. During that, a brand new conception of the time is being learned.

We are in Tana, earth has the colour of the red brick, the sun is warm, it's time to eat zebu and taste the rhum. Let's start our journey.

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