#Madagascar, Paris

October the 18th. Entering the TGV was very quiet. We were not even surprised when we've learnt that the train has a new itinerary, it was inconceivable that our journey would be going on as planned. So, I've sent the very last mails in the bouncing train.

As our travel will be very long and exhausting for our legs, we agreed that we cannot risk dehydration. What is sure is that the computer distributing the seats was very mean with us: it gave us seats at the side of the train opposit to the bar wagon.

The time to get there we were already in Paris. Even in the train we were already in Paris. Even in an international train, it's easy to see who is coming from Paris: he is standing in the passage 20 minutes before reaching the arrival. Espacially as it was the terminus, there had no time to get out...

So we had to get back to our seat telling hundred times "sorry". The Parisian has a special ticket: next to the seat he has a place in the corridor and, of course, a huge luggage and the cell phone...

And what had to happen, happended. We reached our seat and a luggage was missing. A beautiful bleu waterproof bucket wrapped in burlap disappeared. To be fair, we were stressed as half of our sailing gear was in that one. I recall that sailing the canoe was our main goal... Fortunately a very kind man came back on the train with our bucket in his hand.

"Is it your bag? I had a Tibetan woman next to me, I thought she forgot her bag, but she said it's not hers..."

ps: la photo d’illustration est sous licence Creative Commons, non, nous ne nous sommes pas approchés de la tour Eiffel ni de cette statue magnifique.

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