Glacier express

Today my bucket list has another entry checked. I've entered the famous Glacier Express starting in Zermatt driving you to Saint-Moritz. I'm lucky, as I was going to Saint-Moritz, that was the train taking me up there. I step in.

I'm a real fan of train travelling and I'm not disappointed. The panoramic wagon is wonderful and the tablets are huge. The big advantage is that we don't need to find the restaurant wagon as we are served at our seat. Very exclusive journey.

A red dôle from Wallis, a cheese board: I'm ready to travel. Between the tunnels and the bridges, I admire human engineering at his best. On the other hand, mother nature shows that she took the time to shape the landscape where our spirit is wandering while the senses are in extasy.

This trip reminds me thousands of recalls of the region. As if I need to come back here on a regular basis. The first time I took the same route from Chur to... Pontresina was back in 1996. Yesterday. I was mini-club GO with Machpro as CDV and with Valérie.


I was back in summer 2000, winters from 2000 to 2003, the discovery of Giacometti when I was guiding at his exposition in the castle of Seneffe and my several exams for finally reaching out to get my Swiss ski full certification. Big conversations with Ariel, the travel with Tam.

Sharing life with friends: Stéphane and the off piste in Corvatsch, Damien, Flo, Tam and the helicopter, Aurore who discovers the German part of Switzerland. What about Nico and all the moments since his... Marriage with Carine and their 4 wonderful children. With them, my youthfulness came through Engadin.

Take this train to, eventually, go in direction of new challenges is more than a pleasure, it's a pathway. I suggest all of you to step in this train and get as many "souvenirs" and future than me.

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