No solidarity?

We are united in solidarity! On this day of national demonstration we are really happy to speak about solidarity. I'm very proud to share with you all this help that is taking place between the citizens.

It starts with the small attentions of public service agents who are proud of making their job the best they can. We are a few steps from getting help. Yesterday [1.May the 30th 2016] even the bike locker from the railway company was closed in Braine-le-Comte, but the bus company helped us to start our journey to Brussels.

After crossing the language boarder in Hal, we can already see that the faces are more relax. There are still less train to Brussels as a normal day but the agents of the SNCB and De Lijn do their best to give us the correct information. Once again the Belgian surrealism is not a useless word, the train professionals remove... trains and are guiding us to other way of being transported. They are wearing a friendly smile and we are thanking them politely for their help. Belgian surrealism!

« Thanks for working and helping us! »

I could not believe the number of "thank you" that I have heard. It's the moment to remember how important these men and women are for the economy of our country. The know too the value of their work and that they can give a real meaning of the word "service".

They are not alone. I want to speak about this friend who was on day off and was ready to drive me to Stalle or this student who let me her coach to be sure that I'll be on time for my exam or the other who invited the teacher to be sure that he will be on time too.

These nice people are not alone: I'm sure that you know many of them ready to help you when you are in need. Since a few days, they appear to help friends or even friend of a friend.

How many messages have we seen on social medias concerning car sharing?, ULB and its partnership with, the UCL and its dormitories, or even Ibis hotel and their free roomsall these solutions show the solidarity between the Belgian citizens.

The strikers want to ruin our lifes? No worries ! In front of them, there is an army of loyal workers, motivated students, car sharing drivers and citizens who don't knoy each others but decided to unite and be solidair to each others. A real fraternity of workers sharing the same values.

It's crazy that this solidarity has to be organized against people who declare themselves as solidairs...

Thanks to all of you!

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