The communists are attacking our freedom!

Les communistes attaquent nos libertés. Je n’aurais jamais pensé devoir utiliser cette phrase dans son sens premier en 2016 en Belgique. Pourtant, c’est bien de cela qu’il s’agit : à l’aide des outils démocratiques mis en place par nos aïeux afin de défendre nos libertés, les révolutionnaires marxistes veulent réduire celles-ci en noyautant la FGTB francophone.

On the model of the French Front National that is building an "eligible" image with Marine Le Pen, the Belgian far left is softening its mediatic image with the help of, the could be perfect son-in-law, Raoul who "speaks so well" and "looks so kind". But let's not be fooled: the PTB is communist like Staline or the Red Khmers, nothing less1 .

Somehow it's surprising that the medias that are fighting the nauseating ideas of the far right are not defending democracy against the attacks of the far left. It's true that this one comes hidden behind a mask of decency, thanks rebranding. For example, to infiltrate the students of the University of Brussels (ULB), the activists are on "Student Priority" lists when in reality it's the ComAc. (Active Communists). The latter in an article in the Belgian weekly Le Vif defines itself as the student section of the PTB.

ComAc, Active Communists. Abviously they are hiding these ugly words, but the aim of the movement is to overthrow the entire world, study marxist theories and refer to characters such as the Che... They promise us the communist freedom. The rebranding uses less violent words than in the Marx' manifestso but the ideas are still the same ones.

I ask the readers that are thinking that I am exagerating and I use my pen to defame to take a little bit of their time to visit their websites and ideologies. They will discover that they claim to be part of the XIXth century marxist movement. Those readers can immerse themselve in Ludo Marten's book. He was the founder of the party in Belgium. le Parti de la Révolution2 He calls for a "permanent revolution" and the renewal of the executives based on the stalinist method. If there are attacks I will answer them the day the PTB will officially take its distances from the book.

Let's don't be mistaken, it happens that communists decide to democratize and try to listen to Vox Populithrough political mechanisms. On an examplary path, Mao gave an enviable fate to all the ones who were considered as rightists. A bucolic path through the 50 years old cultural revolution program: torture, state assassinations and deportation to reeducation centers. I have no doubt that Raoul and his friends are planning the same fate for myself.

There is no doubt that the dictatorship of the proletariat. On an empiric way, all the regimes founded on communism demonstrated the opposition to liberties. The shaping of the thought is set by elected governments in a unique party electoral process. Potentially it can be behind other parties to give the illusion of democracy.

If I speak about unique thought, it's because during all the week-end I've heard the same sentences coming from the unionists. "We do it for you", "We know that we are right" or "You are against this strike because your daily program is disturbed, but you could make a minimum sacrifice for the collective well being".

What do I need to sacrifice? My freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of going to work? Never. I repeat: NEVER. Neither I want the state to touch our freedom because of the terrorist attacks3 , neither I cannot tolerate extremists that are trempling our rights. I'm not fool, what is instrinsically written in the speeches of the last week-end, is that I do not think correctly and I have to be ready to sacrifice my liberties pour les travailleurs. Enfin, les travailleurs syndiqués considérés par le Parti comme des bons prolétaires militants.

Bien que l’image du PTB tente de nous faire oublier que son idéologie est extrémiste, je le dénonce : ils s’attaquent aux libertés fondamentales. Dans ce cas précis, le droit de penser différemment et le droit de se déplacer. Par principe, it the same with personal enrichmant, private property, shortly, it's Freedom with a capital F that the stalinist party want to "revolutionize".

Social peace is under attack too. A quick look on the side of our Flamish compatriots shows that with the democrats, social concertation is the choosen path. For the same working conditions, prison guards and railway personnals of the SNCB are not following the movement: they believe in dialogue.

Not only the social peace is under attack. It's Peace in a whole. Their final state is a Perpetual Revolution, if they refuse that, they are not communist anymore. By focusing on a society observed through the prism of the class struggle, the revolutionaries have the tools to constantly build their own ennemies.

Today, it's the right winged government that has to fall. To accomplish that goal, there do not care about the workers who are not sharing their cause, the ones who are not not thinking the way they want, the ones who are not revolutionaries, the ones who are living in the XXIst century not in the 19th. If we refuse to follow their movement or, worst, reporting it, we are considered as stowaways or even traitors.

I don't dare to imagine what would happen if they win and we shall all parade on a military pace in front of the great leader of our Nation. The nationalists and the communists have a common point: they fight against the Other. The former against the foreigner, the latter against the bourgeois.

By taking the bourgeoisie who dares to work for the big Business in hostage, the commusnists are showing their true face. They start with erasing the freedom of choice, protest, support, thought. As if Belgium is divided in two groups: "good striking workers" and "bad associate with big Business".

By fighting to destroy the Michel government, they prove us that they are indifferant to democratic values such as elections. The voters supported the right and opened a path to a non socialist government? No worries, let's strike to finish that nonsense: small retailers, traitor workers, MR voters have to be punished as they refuse to think as the collectivity wants them to think. It's the first repression against the ennemies of communism.

Where would stop the communists if we do not report them? Because their "Communism 2.0" makes me think only on a way to better implemant surveillance on the dissidents, observe them and finally destroy them.

Capitalism and EU are not always the best solutions we have, but I still don't want to live under a communist regime!4

  1. Refer to statutes of the PTB []
  2. In free access I found only the Spanish version. here []
  3. The post was written after the attacks in Brussels. I defend the liberties despite terrorist actions. Against attacks, more freedom. Against attacks, more freedom. []
  4. I repeat that I will not anser any comment that will not demonstrate me that the PTB is not from communist ideology. []

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