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You lost your self-confidence? The start of the school year gives you depression? The inside of your own home would make the homeless run away? Your beloved half slope off, your lover is pucking on you and the "pay for love" is dismissed by the professional women? Your six pack is definitely gone, your hairs have fallen, your breasts have less consistence than hanging wet socks and your ass is so huge that your bottom is dripping on each side of the toilet when you sit on it?

You tested the psys, marabouts, alocohol, hard drugs, fetishism and intim self flogging while being sodomized? Your rope broke the last time you tried to commit suicide, despite the 30 kilos of cement on each foot the sea rejected you on the beach, your gun took away half or your head without taking your life and your body is used by scientists to test your incredible poison resistance?

Please, no more depression. My friends, hope is back among us. Not the Messiah, nor any charlatan. It's a pro whose values are "respect, listening, confidentiality". He will give you the key to open the door to success. You life will now swim in fullness, victory, prosperity and self realisation.

This providential man is Laurent Louis coach-belgiqueYes, yes, I'm speaking of the famous #Laul. We knew him as congressman, "quenelleur d'or", writer, "ananassureur" or even consultant on MetaTV, but as he is full of surprise, we discover that he is the one who will give hope to the more despair people. My tears are rolling on my cheeks when I'm thinking to the coachings.

Decoration? Your library is reviewed and corrected by "Égalité et Réconciliation". As a bonus, the memoirs of Laurent Louis and the famous ikea coach of Alain Soral. Relooking? Returnable jacket. Diet? Eat some bow ties and "quenelles" with pineapple sauce. Scholarship problems? Review the history with Faurisson.

I do imagine the special effect, at a wedding, when the "close-friends"' gift is a marital coaching given by the former deputy. His very unique verve will transform the ceremony into an unforgettable one. A parallel between free speach and infidelity, advices on how to hire women collegas, divulging the young lovers' sextapes in front the guests or the alllusions about the pedophilia of uncle Teddy and his husband will have a resounding effect. No doubt, it's a must.

I was wondering if our beloved #Laul would still make us laugh. I have my answer.

ps: dear Ladies, if you are ready to pay 350 € to have someone to help you for your shopping day, I'm ready to carry your bags.

update of the 23d of April 2020. It seems the the coaching site does not mention Laurent Louis anymore...

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