It's the start of the school year! Welcome to dreamsandmoods!

As most of my friends are helping their children to get ready for the start of the school year, it's time to prepare my own. I'm very proud to enter MA1 in political sciences. I just had the bachelor. I (finally) have my First diploma from the University, obtained in my 40th year. Will I finally get out of my teenage years?

So it's time to reopen my blog. Let's say another blog, with the same name but not the same host. For several reasons I prefered to leave blogspot and try the adventure of my own website and dreamsandmoods under a new format. The main purpose was to keep it my own and not giving it to social medias and their tracking.

Moreover several friends asked me a way to follow my adventures. As I have, and I underline it, an international carreer, they will be able to visit me or being in touch with the RSS or their favourite channels.

The blog and the website are complementary. The website is a bit as a "showroom" without interaction. The blog is more a way to give ma opinions, my crazyness, my instants... My everyday life with its changes and surprises. Of course that's when we will interact and I'll try to answer as fast as I can.

If some of my readers wonder in which category should be my blog, I invite them to speak about if they have an answer. Personally, I do not care at all, I know since a long time now that I'm not entering the norm or a specific category.

Oh yes, you can see that I've put my new title as "political scientist" in the description of my blog. I did it with a big smile on my face, because I'm proud of it. To be fair, I'm laughing about the fact that if I do political analysis it will be, of course, extraordinarily perceptive because I'm formed to be perceptive. Please note that I was a lucky bastard when I met a famous Belgian political scientist who said after hearing my answers to her questions : "but you really managed to succeed with the bullshit you are telling me?"... Please do not loose your critical sense or forget your brain when you will discover my writings.

Enjoy the start of the academic year and welcome again to dreamsandmoods. Dreams, moods, and some bullshit. Welcome home.

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