War propaganda

Thanks to our chance of living in a democratic world really intellectually developed, nowadays we are able to build up our mature and clear opinion in the matter of worldwide wars. These ones could be cold or war, from North, South, East or West, the doctors in geo-political erudition and strategy light us up with their infinite knowledge.

Free press, virtuous journalists added to respectful and scrupulous reproduction of the world conflict actor's speech can give every reader and auditor the possibility to receive the perfectly exact enlighted truth after a few clicks. Following them, specialized experts avoiding censorship can express their ideas and opinions. It's extremely important to underline that the mainstream main actors have a point of honour in sharing diverging points of view as they are seeking a balanced , exact and impartial thinking. They would never take the opportunity of giving and uncomplete or biased information. At least, not in our occidental world, of course.

So, you too, can you easily make the difference the goods from the bads? Are you able to distinguish democratic freedom from a low class autoritarism? Can you recognize a horrible bloodthirsty degenerat as he appears? Even better, maybe are you a science well concerning the israelo-palestinian conflict, ukrainian authorities are among your firends and you are ready to take part in the war of terror comfortably seated behind your screen? Or maybe you are sure that the western world is lying to you, that all the journalists in Syria are spies and that Meta TV hires only Pulitzer awarded journalists?

Then let's take the opportunity of the First world war century birthday celebration to (re)discover a certain Lord Arthur Ponsonby who edicted 10 laws on war propaganda in... 1914. Anne Morelli develops them in her book "Principes élémentaires de propagande de guerre: utilisables en cas de guerre froide, chaude ou tiède..." 1

  1. We don't want war, we are only defending ourselves!
  2. Our adversary is solely responsible for this war!
  3. Our adversary's leader is inherently evil and resembles the devil.
  4. We are defending a noble cause, not our particular interests!
  5. The enemy is purposefully committing atrocities; if we are making mistakes this happens without intention.
  6. The enemy makes use of illegal weapons.
  7. We suffer few losses, the enemy's losses are considerable.
  8. Recognized intellectuals and artists support our cause.
  9. Our cause is sacred.
  10. Whoever casts doubt on our propaganda helps the enemy and is a traitor.

I'd like to add that Noam Chomsky has demonstrated the transparent and civic role of the medias in democracy in Media Control the spectacular achievements of propaganda 2. Finally, I'm legitimaly delighted that in our part of the planet, well luckily, there is no propaganda, nor desinformation, if not Ponsonby's concept 3

When the people of one country understand how the people in another country are duped, like themselves, in wartime, they will be more disposed to sympathize with them as victims than condemn them as criminals

would take the risk of prevent us bombing disbeliever barbaric bloodthirsty civilizations who deserve to be tortured in Guantanamo, assassinations without trial, drone bombing or a simple nuke mushroom in their face. Dear reader, please confess that the world would be less funny without the War on TerrorHardened lead operation, or Barroso who promises that Poutine will annex the entire Ukraine in a few hours...

My advice of the day is candidly remember that even if a fact is presented in two several ways the truth could be in one as in the other, not being presented or neither necessairly on the median way between them. Our interpretation must, I insist, must be cautious and the methods of historical critics must be used.

Basically, using your brain is always welcome even if it's easier to howl with wolves.

A clear example of propaganda is demonstrated by the German satiric show : Die Anstalt and the skit " propaganda " on the ukrainian conflict and the cover of the German medias. The French subtitled version is here under. Please note that I don't have the rights for this video so I don't know how long it will be on Google's platform. Have fun and don't let yourself be stultified even when thinking is not easy.

1. Anne MORELLI, "Principes élémentaires de propagande de guerre: utilisables en cas de guerre froide, chaude ou tiède...", nouvelle édition revue et augmentée, éditions aden, 2010, 191 pages.

2. Noam CHOMSKY, Media Control the spectacular achievements of propaganda, seven stories press, New-York, 1997, 58 pages.

3. Arthur PONSONBY, Falsehood in War-time : containing an assortment of lies circulated throughout the nations during the great war, G. Allen and Unwin, Londres, 1928, p. 28.

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