Kamikaze, really?

Everyday attacks are taking place against the coalition kamikaze. Every morning, there is a conspicuous French speaking politician to tell us that we need to be careful against the dismanteling of the country, the badmen of the NVA or even Michel the traitor. We would be in war, there wouldn't be any hesitation to rebuild the firing squad.

I was born in 1973 in the Hainaut, from a laborer dad and a immigrant mother. I hear that it's financial crisis and that the dangerous capitalists are doing everything they can to assassinate the lower class by exploiting them to make busty profit. To be fair, it's true that the notional interests, the calamitous handling of the bank wreck and the fact that no European country decided to establish the Tobin tax give water to the mill of those who have that kind of speech.

What did I see during a very long time? Fatalism concerning unemployment, ramp up of the undeclared work, non accountability from the politic sphere, constantly trying to save the minumum. Nevertheless we received a lot of subsidies... Objectif n°2? Living environment renovation. T.G.V. (high speed train)? As the North of the country was working on the backbone Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam the Walloons decided to renew the railway station of Namur instead of building the tracks in direction of Köln and Germany. I guess there is no point to come back on the lifts of Strépy, the bottomless well of the Walloon metallurgy or on the state of our roads...

So when I see that Charles Michel puts his guts on the table to tell that there are some Walloons who are sick of clientelism, de bad governance, the leveling down or communautarism, I want to applause loudely. Please note that I'm not a small rabbit born during the latest rain and I'm waiting to see the results of the negociations. Even more, I do not underestimate the fact that they are thinking about the following elections or their personal carreer.

Anyway to those who think that the NVA want to dismantle the country and will manage to do it, I reply them a very simple thing. To reform the state, we need to touch the Constitution. Or it can be revised in a well defined framework. The legislator is very strict about it.

  1. Revision statement that lists the articles that could be modified.
  2. Dissolution of the chambers.
  3. Organization of legislative elections within 40 days.
  4. The newly elected deputees are the only ones to be allow to revise the Constitution.

Under the condition of having a double majority: 2/3rd of the present members and a 2/3 majority of the voters. As you can see by yourself, the NVA had 33 seats on the 150. Not only you would need to revote but... speculate on the fact that most of the Flamish want the end of Belgium. Please stop the ridiculous politico-politics.

répartition des sièges Belgique 2014If we take the kamikaze definition of the Collins dictionnary,

(in World War II) one of a group of Japanese pilots who performed suicidal missions by crashing their aircraft, loaded with explosives, into an enemy target, esp a ship or an aircraft used for such a mission.

that would mean that the entire coalition would be made by men and women who would be ready to ruin their carreer with the aim of destroying Belgium... I permit myself a very tiny microscopic doubt of the size of the universe considering this theory.

I rather think that there is a huge challenge amongst the MR. The party will need to find a balanced governance to soothe the communautarist tensions and start with the necessary economic reforms without being attacked by social movements from its detractors. That challenge faces the other parties of the coalition as well. It's a paradoxe: succeeding in that mission could weaken the NVA who refused to take responsability with the political right liberals and join the Open VLD. Finally the left wing of the CD&V could favorise the social dialog with the unions and keep the right entitlement under control. A move on the right is expected by the enemies of the coalition to start the wrestling. Finally, the fact that the next elections would take place only in 2018 could help them, because they could work without the pressure of a political campaign.

Charles Michel have huge guts. The main question is to know if he will be followed as a genious or he will be hanged high and short.

P.S. Those who are really scared of the Flamish ennemy should read again my article on propaganda and would be very inspired to read the press of the North of the country everyday even if that would mean to learn Flamish.

One thought on “Kamikazes, vraiment?

  • 8 September 2014 at 15 h 21 min

    le socialisme a eu 40 ans pour montrer sa capacité … sans résultat retentissant …
    laissons un peu la droite s’essayer avec ses solutions et laissons lui le bénéfice du doute.

    Quand a ce qui est de la NVA, ce n’est pas en l’écartant qu’on la combatteras, mais en l’impliquant dans un projet auquel elle contribueras.
    l’optique du PS vis a vis de la NVA est tel qu’elle meneras inexorablement a la séparation, contrairement a celle du MR … (oui, c’est risqué, mais les probabilité de réussite sont bien plus grande.

    • 8 September 2014 at 15 h 32 min

      Je pense effectivement que nous pouvons laisser le bénéfice du doute aussi bien au MR qu’à la coalition suédoise. Surtout que dans le cadre constitutionnel, je ne vois pas comment nous pourrions arriver à la séparation de la Belgique.
      Merci pour ton commentaire.

  • 8 September 2014 at 18 h 30 min

    Comme tu l’as souligné, afin de modifier la Constitution il faudra de toute manière passer par la case élection. Cela ne sert à rien actuellement de faire des plans sur la comète. J’irai même jusqu’à dire que si les élections donnent gagnant les séparatistes, il faudra à ce moment – là se poser la question.
    Mis à part cela, en revenant à la problématique de départ, les opposant à cette future majorité jouent sur deux choses: la peur de l’autre et la méconnaissance des mécanismes politiques belges.
    Et ça, pire que l’idéologie vieillissante c’est cette façon de manipuler la population que je ne peux pas accepter.

    • 9 September 2014 at 1 h 26 min

      Eh oui Julien, je suis d’accord avec toi, c’est bien pour ça que maintenant que nous sommes toi et moi politologues, nous devons expliquer et démonter les mécanismes menant à la manipulation et aux mensonges.

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